CrewSafe® Face Shield

Sku: SBGS1069

CrewSafe® Face Shield

Sku: SBGS1069
$CAD 13.00
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The coolest, most comfortable non-contact face shield on the market!

  • Sweat band? Doesn’t need one!
  • Adjustable strap? Doesn’t need one!
  • Frame to place on head? Doesn’t need one!


  •  Face shield is designed to easily install onto the brim of most baseball-style caps

  • Brim mount allows user to adjust shield to a comfortable distance away from face

  • No-contact design is lightweight and maximizes comfort

  • Anti-fog coated shield 

  • Easy to install and clean. Replace when damaged, deteriorated, or critically contaminated

  • Does not obstruct facial communication or interfere with head movement

  • Can be worn in conjunction with other PPE including face masks and protective eyewear

  • Full face coverage provides a barrier to help prevent contamination of a wearer from biologicals, splattering oils, chemicals and similar workplace health hazards

  • Improves employee compliance by seamlessly integrating with existing uniform caps. 
  • Increases employee confidence in their safety in the workplace

  • Complies with CDC guidelines for face shield PPE

  • Reduces the medical and legal costs and risks associated with the spread of foodborne and lost time illness

  • Minimizes medical and legal costs and risks associated with loose hardware, mounting straps or parts contaminating food being prepared or served

Developed specifically for:

Food Service

Food Processing


Convenience Store

Food Manufacturing

Outdoor Activities & Sports

Cap not included.